Summer Update

Morning everyone

The holiday is just speeding by and we hope that you are all having a lovely summer – we’re ignoring the distinctly autumnal weather here and carrying on regardless!

If you’ve been here during the last couple of weeks you will have noticed that work has started on our Big Garden Project to create direct access to a private garden area for Sunshine and developing and updating both Sky and Meadow gardens.  The structural work is underway and we are hoping that this will be complete by the end of August.  The work has meant some disruption in the gardens of course – but Chris Wheeler Construction (Burbage) have done a great job kept this to a minimum.  Installing the french doors from Sunshine will inevitably mean a little more disruption but we will keep this to a minimum.

Next?  A plea for a lost item of clothing.  If a long sleeved red and white striped t-shirt with blue anchor motif has somehow made it’s way home with you by mistake – could you please return to us?  It belongs to a little one in Sunshine – so a particular request to Sunshine parents but also to Meadow parents please.  Your help is much appreciated.  And whilst on the subject, if your little one has come home in any of our Sunflowers spares which you haven’t quite got round to returning – could you pop these back to us too?

Treehouse Summer Timetable Here

Afternoon everyone 

Hurrah!  The summer timetable is attached and we have great activities on offer for every day of the holiday.  Super days out, including the Hawk Conservancy Trust, Cotswold Wildlife Park, Beale Park, Old Wardour Castle, The Look Out Discovery Centre and Farmer Gows Activity Farm.  Local trips to Wilton Windmill and Crofton Beam Engines.  Fantastic canoeing with our friends at Oxenwood plus science, nature, survival skills and sports.  We hope that there will be something to appeal to everyone.

To be confirmed – fantastic fishing trip on Wednesday 27 August – we hope to get the details to you tomorrow.

The timetable starts on Friday 25 July but we are aware that many local primary schools are finishing for the summer on either Tuesday 22 or Wednesday 23 July and we are very happy to open The TreeHouse earlier if there is sufficient demand.  A number of families have already indicated interest so please do drop us a note if you need care on those dates and we will confirm the opening date as soon as we can.  

Bookings are open now for our existing Sunflowers at Grafton families, plus other families who have already been in touch to express interest.  Drop us a note or give us a call.   If you have already requested dates they will be booked for you and you will receive a confirmation email shortly.  Please note that the timetable will be circulated more widely on Friday morning via local schools and other media when it will then be first come first served for places. 

For our nursery families – please note that if your booking is usually term time but you would like additional days with us during the holiday weeks please let me know as soon as you can.

 Click Here for 2014 Summer TreeHouse Timetable

Vegetable Beds and Bag2School

We will be planting the vegetable beds shortly.  Our theme is ‘pick and eat’ – anything the children can pick and eat straight away.  Tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, cucumber, strawberries and more.  If you are planting in your garden at the moment and have any ‘spare’ plants please do let us know.

If you’ve been saving a great pile of clothing/bags/shoes/soft toys you’ll be pleased to hear that our next Bag2School collection is on Thursday 26 June.  Bag2School collect unwanted textiles in good condition which are then sold to export markets worldwide where they are sorted and then sold to the general public.  They operate throughout the UK and since 2001 have paid over £19 million to participating schools, colleges, nurseries, pre-schools, playgroups.  It is great fundraising and a great opprtunity for us all to have a summer clear-out!  We’ll let you know when the blue bags arrive.

We seem to have lost the sun today.  But it will be back so can we remind you all to ensure that your little ones have all the right stuff with them, specifically a spare set of clothing in a named bag and labelled sun hat and sun cream.  If you haven’t swapped the spare winter clothes in the bag on your peg for spare summer clothes yet please make a note to do so.  There is always lots of water play in warn weather so we often need fresh clothes!   Remember that it is very helpful if you can label all clothing and footwear (one of the simplest ways is to use a fabric pen on the care label).