Sunflowers at Grafton is a not-for-profit, community run organisation and any surplus income is invested to improve the care we provide.

We offer a choice of all year or term-time only contracts and a simple, flexible range of sessions. No deposit is required but we do have a registration fee of £25.00 per child. Payment may be made with employer childcare vouchers, tax-free childcare accounts, by bank transfer or cash/cheque. For further information please get in touch.

Nursery fees

Day CareCostSchool HoursCost
7.50am to 6pm£57.50Early Birds£7.00
7.50am to 1pm£33.009am to 3.30pm£46.00
9am to 1pm£30.50

– Fees include nappies and wipes and breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks as appropriate

– Additional hours (subject to availability) are charged at £6.75 per hour plus the cost of meals (lunch £3.00 and tea £2.25)

Universal and extended free entitlement funding

Sunflowers at Grafton are committed to offering the universal 15 hours free entitlement funding to all 3 and 4 year olds, 15 hours extended funding for eligible 3 and 4 year olds and 15 hours funding for eligible 2 year olds.

When families are using their funded hours, Sunflowers apply a daily charge to contribute to the cost of meals (breakfast, lunch or tea), snacks and other consumables.

– For bookings including one meal the daily charge is £7.75
– For bookings with two or more meals included the daily charge is £10.50

We apply this funding in a straightforward and transparent manner and do not place any restrictions on when the funding may be used during our opening hours.


Discounts are available if you are booking places for 3 or more siblings.

Late collection fees

We reserve the right to charge a fee of £5 if children are collected 5 minutes late and a further fee of £5 for each subsequent 5 minutes.

Occasional hours

Subject to availability ‘occasional hours’ are available for children not attending regular sessions at Sunflowers. Children must be registered at Sunflowers and have completed their two settle-in sessions.
The minimum number of hours for an occasional hours booking is 2 hours and will be charged at £7.00 per hour plus the cost of any meals. Fees are payable on the day.